UR Walpole

URWalpole 2018- Great Migrations

Planning has started for this year’s URWalpole project, Great Migrations.  Teachers have met with Gary Muir (WOW Cruises), Julie Ewing (Parks and Wildlife), Tim Gamblin and Claire Roocke to brainstorm the migration of animals, plants and humans from one region to another, particularly Walpole.



Local icons were established including honey possums, Ficifolia trees and pouch lampreys.  Other animals known to travel through Walpole included pelicans, ibis, dolphins, fur seals, sting rays, whales and fruit bats.  The migration of Noongar people as well as the ten pound Pom and early settlement schemes will be researched.



We spoke about current research projects that we could participate on such as black bream, Rowley Shoals coral and plastics.  Contact was made with research teams to get them out to the school. Fisheries staff will teach the students about bag limits and the students will rehabilitate a sand dune under the direction of Gary Muir and Parks and Wildlife staff.



A camp was planned for the Year 4/5/6 students to Perth.  Likely visits include the Maritime and Shipwreck Museums.  The P&C have offered to fund a whole school excursion to Albany to visit the Whaling Station. 


The project will cumulate in an open day at the school where parents and community members get to see what the children have learnt.