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Science is everywhere and Scitech came to prove it.  Yes, Scitech came to Walpole Primary School last Thursday to teach us activities about science. 


Michael showed us some very cool experiments.  We were looking

at chemical science.  Chemical science can be found in cooking, medicine and lots of other things.


Michael had a tool belt that held tongs, red cabbage (an acid detector), dishwashing liquid (gas catcher), a fire stick and some solutions to speed up the chemical reactions.


He tested two clear liquids to see if they were the same.  He used detergent to make bubbles and then held the firestick to them. We found that one was very flammable. 


Jed helped to blend red cabbage and water into a purple solution.  When the liquids were poured into the solution, two of them made it change colour.  It showed if they were acidic or alkaline.


Room 2 and Room 4 then had a workshop each where we had to use common household powders to solve a problem.  We were given a Rennie tablet.  We could choose 2 dry ingredients from salt crystals, sugar, flour, cornflour, eno powder and bicarbonate of soda.  We experimented mixing them with oil or water to see what would happen.  Then we had to decide on one dry ingredient to use to make a coating to go over the Rennie tablet to stop it from fizzing straight away.  When we dropped it into vinegar, our simulated stomach acid, it had to stay protected for thirty seconds and then in the next thirty seconds start to fizz.  Just like many tablets that we have in medicine, the tablet needed to have a coating so it released its medicine at the precise moment required.


All of the students had a lot of fun and we all learnt about how some of our kitchen powders react differently to different liquids.  The best part was the fire and foam explosions demonstrated by Michael.




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